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How to respond to long answer questions in HSC Physics in 3 simple steps

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

With the long answer question, the main challenge is to specifically define what the query is asking and concentrate on answering that. You must break down the problem into its elements to achieve this (this can be thought of as a step 0). You can also make a dot-point list to help you gather your insights and make it obvious to the marker where you're going for your answer. 

Cosmos Coaching explains some simple 3 step method has been created by some geniuses that help you to communicate your response in a fast, concise way. The procedure follows:

1. Create and order your relationships of cause and effect 

This requires the identification of syllabus dot points and/or some theory applicable to your question (step 0 can help you with this). We still have nothing written on our response sheet in this process, but we arrange the concepts that will be incorporated in our response. As this flow indicates a coherent interpretation of the content, the relationships must draw on each other in a logical way.

2. Pick evidence or justification to validate your answer 

For our essay, the relationships serve as a base. The structure of our paragraphs must be composed of empirical facts, such as experiments and observations by the related scientists learned in the course, in order to create our answer. In physics, as we discuss things such as models, we also explain some of the ways in which the current model expands on the former one and some shortcomings of this new model.

3. Draw/write equations and diagrams that are applicable

To your answer, diagram and equations add details. They have optical and mathematical scope, which are the basics of physics in essence. Markers in physics prefer abstract manipulations instead of terms in most answers, so you can receive the remaining 1 mark in these long answers, with an equation or two. We also incorporate the previous steps in this step to begin to formulate our response on the answer sheet.


With experience, this basic 3 step method becomes part of the routine. It will ensure that you have all the information needed to achieve at least 90% of the marks given to certain long-form issues of the 7-9 mark. HSC Physics is all about the implementation and agility of your expertise to the questions provided by. So, these methods enable you to clarify an otherwise complex process with the utmost ease.

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